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Le'Fant, LLC is a HUBZone Certified SDVOSB comprised of capable, dedicated professionals with unmatched standards of quality and over 45 years of experience in bringing cost-effective solutions to complex problems in the government services sector.  

Not only does Le’Fant solve administrative services problems, but we strive to build lasting relationships with our client stakeholders. Our technology experts and business professionals excel in analyzing, researching, planning, recruiting, and implementing solutions for:

•    Human Resource Management 
•    Management Consulting Services
•    Technology & Engineering
•    Marketing & Advertising

Through our depth of resources, innovative solutions, and commitment to quality we manage programs from start to finish, better than anyone. Le’Fant has an increasing number of projects underway with the United States Departments of Veterans Affairs (VA), and we are excited about bringing our high caliber services to fulfill your next requirement.


To become the preeminent small business providing world-class solutions and quality service to the Federal Government. 


Our sole purpose is to enhance the ability of Federal Agencies to provide support to and care for Service Members, Veterans, and their families and caregivers. We never forget what is most important!



We believe that respecting others, treating people fairly, conducting ourselves in a professional manner and honoring our commitments is the only way to do business.



We value innovative thinking and encourage the implementation of creative ideas in order to meet the challenges in our industry.



Our employees are our greatest asset. We strive to help others do what they do best, improve their abilities, and exceed their own expectations. We do this through creating a rewarding work environment, promoting a culture of teamwork, and providing opportunities for professional development.


Dedication to drive and deliver business results by spending the time and energy necessary to accomplish the task at hand, leading by example and inspiring others. We never forget what’s most important, Our customers.


Be humble. Always own your part. Be accountable, responsible and do your best to continually improve.


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Mr. Danny G.I. Pummill has over 40 years of military and government experience as an Army Human Capital Manager.  He spent 25 of those years serving in the highest levels of the Army and the Veterans Administration (VA) with extensive organizational development experience primarily in federal areas related to pension and benefits. He had direct and successful experience in managing and overseeing major programs at the Executive Branch level while serving as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (M&RA) Personnel Oversight and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (M&RA) Medical Oversight at the Pentagon.


His experience as an effective leader was further developed while acting as the Deputy Director of Policy and Procedure, the Director of the DoD, VA liaison office, and the Deputy Under Secretary for Benefits and Acting Under Secretary for Benefits in the VA where he oversaw Pension and Fiduciary Services for VBA. He also served as the Deputy Secretary for Policy and Procedure in the Compensation and Pension Service  


While serving as a senior executive he helped to implement, develop, and led some of the largest programs in the federal government to include the Transition Assistance Program, the Disability Evaluation Program, the Wounded Warrior Program, the Army Rest and Recuperation Program for Combat Deployed Soldiers, the Army Family Covenant, and the Army Education Program.  


In 2015, Mr. Pummill founded Le’Fant, LLC with the sole purpose of enhancing the ability of Federal Agencies to provide support to and care for Service Members, Veterans, and their families and caregivers. His leadership and respected reputation have driven the success of Le’Fant and ensured he can continue to give back to the Veteran community in meaningful ways that drive improvement.

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